December 12, 2017

each weekend

08:46 Tokuko: I got on the train.

08:59 Meri: Sorry, I was checking the pattern for mistakes. I missed one.

08:59 Tokuko: Nice to find you.

08:59 Meri: yeah, thanks

09:01 Tokuko: The weekend must have been work. I shut myself up at home and it was just knitting knitting day.

09:02 Meri: On Sunday, I went to Costco to shop for amirisu's Christmas party. But when I arrived after 10:30, the parking lot was full and I had to wait for about an hour.

09:02 Meri: It ended up taking until 3:00.

09:03 Tokuko: Costco is so popular! good job for today.

09:03 Tokuko: I haven't been there. You don't need it. For living with two people.

09:04 Meri: It's pretty fun to have a family, and I think there are quite a few people who run restaurants.

09:04 Meri: We used to go shopping when we had barbecues and Christmas parties.

09:05 Tokuko: As expected, I'm used to parties. We don't do it. We are a withdrawn couple.

09:05 Meri: Occasionally, too.

09:07 Meri: But then it was a work weekend. I didn't get to do much on Saturday.

09:07 Tokuko: Yes. Meri is in her prime. Do your best, do your best.

09:07 Meri: Will we make it in time? . . But the goal is in sight

09:08 Tokuko: It's okay to be a little off. Somehow before Christmas.

09:08 Meri: It's starting to feel pretty good. I will work on the English translation from today.

09:10 Tokuko: I'll be working on the pattern again today. Let's all do our best until the Christmas party this week!

09:10 Meri: Eeeeeeeee!

09:10 Meri: Shipping is a little busy. We will all do our best!