September 15, 2017

Limited color that came out again this year!

19:01 Tokuko: Superwash Merino's amirisu limited color that was very popular last year. I put out two again this year!

19:09 Meri: Sorry sorry, I was carrying a child.

19:09 Meri: I'm happily lounging around in my crib right now.

19:09 Tokuko: All right. best of luck

19:10 Meri: Lately, I've been obsessed with practicing yoga poses that raise my buttocks.

19:10 Meri: So back to the topic.

19:11 Meri: I got a limited edition color this year too!

19:11 Tokuko: It must have been quite difficult.

19:12 Meri: Yes. I didn't have the yarn in the color I wanted, so when I gave him the color chip, it turned out to be completely different.

19:13 Tokuko: The yellow gold was pretty quick, but the green was difficult.

19:14 Meri: Well, I had them both fixed twice, but the green really didn't have the green I wanted.

19:14 Meri: Here's a sample.

19:15 Meri: Both are very vivid colors, but I was particular about colors that would be nice to wear.

19:16 Tokuko: It should be easy to use as an accent color for shawls.

19:16 Meri: Right.

19:17 Meri: Adding yellow and green to the original navy and white looks really cute.

19:18 Tokuko: Knitting is cute too.

19:18 Meri: Oh yeah.

19:18 Meri: By the way, I also had a small amount of giant skein yarn made. It will be released next week.

19:19 Tokuko: Recommended for knitting Nemeton with green reference.

19:20 Meri: Yes, you were aiming for Nemeton's green. It's not hand-dyed, so it was difficult to get close to it.

19:21 Meri: Yellow is cute too. Maybe I should finally knit a Damask.

19:21 Tokuko: Oh, it's true.

19:22 Tokuko: If there is yellow left, let's finally knit.

19:22 Meri: Yes, please. I recommend it because it was fun.

19:23 Tokuko: Of course it's also perfect for knitting socks. Yellow socks are cute, aren't they?

19:24 Meri: Oh yeah, absolutely cute.

19:24 Meri: I tend to dress darker in winter.

19:24 Meri: It goes well with navy blue and gray.

19:25 Meri: Last year's popular color, iron navy, has arrived. I would love to knit the garden designed by the staff komiya.

19:26 Tokuko: That was very popular, wasn't it?

19:26 Meri: Yeah, it's a pretty fancy design

19:27 Meri: I want to knit socks for now!

19:27 Tokuko: Me too.