May 25, 2019

amirisu 18 release

09:29 Tokuko: Amirisu No. 18 is out!

09:29 Meri: Yay!

09:29 Meri: Congratulations!

09:29 Tokuko: Congratulations!

09:29 Tokuko: I did my best again this time.

09:30 Meri: There are twists and turns every time, but I think it turned out well.

09:30 Tokuko: I'm glad that the atmosphere has changed again.

09:32 Meri: Ordinarily, this kind of thing might be done in issue 20, but at amirisu, the day that comes to mind is the lucky day.

09:33 Tokuko: I like this article about the replacement needles.

09:38 Meri: An article about needles. Even though I was nervous, I put a lot of effort into writing it.

09:39 Tokuko: Of course patterns are good too!

09:39 Meri: Tokuko also designs

09:40 Tokuko: A hat. I had a hard time. Retry about 5 times.

09:40 Tokuko: I think it's interesting to knit. You looked good on Merry, huh.

09:40 Meri: You've evolved quite a bit from start to finish.

09:41 Meri: Right? I want it

09:41 Tokuko: I want to knit Lucy.

09:42 Tokuko: I think you can use it in midsummer. that!

09:42 Meri: I want Koushi to knit.

09:42 Meri: Fuwafuwa maybe.

09:43 Tokuko: I'll do KAL too!

09:43 Meri: Hey! I think they are all usable items.

09:43 Meri: I want you to knit something

09:43 Tokuko: I hope you enjoy reading this magazine.

09:44 Meri: Stay tuned for the exhibition!