June 23, 2017

KAL notice of amirisu 13!

17:56 Tokuko: Today we're talking about KAL # 13 . I'm gradually getting tired of checking patterns, but I'm going to try my best after eating rice crackers.

17:57 Meri : Oh yeah. You haven't advertised yet! I don't really know when

17:58 Tokuko: From next week on the 26th . The board is already up on Ravelry .

17:58 Meri : I'm breastfeeding looking forward to the treats I bought at the rice cake shop on the way home from nursery school.

17:59 Meri : Oh, from Monday? Maybe by August ?

18:00 Tokuko: I'm assuming it's July 30th . You can stretch it out.

18:00 Meri : It's just right to give autumn thread as a present. Is 1 month a little short?

18:01 Tokuko: Then, should we do it around the end of Obon in August ?

18:01 Meri : Yes.

18:02 Tokuko: I think everyone should enjoy knitting during the summer vacation. I want to start planning summer knitting from now on.

18:02 Meri : When is summer vacation? For the past few years, I don't feel like I've taken anything during summer vacation ...

18:03 Tokuko: It's almost the end of Obon. Meri-san is supposed to take a rest first. Take turns, us.

18:03 Meri : You can't go anywhere even if you take a rest during Obon. As far as I'm concerned, I can work. disappointing.

18:05 Tokuko: Well. I don't mind if it's different. I'll leave it to the Tanaka family.

18:05 Meri : Well. Now it's time for treats.

18:06 Tokuko: Eat salt lemon okaki and do your best for another hour.

18:06 Meri : I'm matcha-flavored Minazuki

18:09 Meri : We haven't talked much about KAL , but is it okay? Well, a proper notice will be on the blog tomorrow.

18:09 Tokuko: that's OK.

18:10 Meri : Minazuki is delicious~. Now let's get back to work.