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No. 18 KAL

June 11, 2019

09:23 Tokuko: As announced on Instagram, KAL for amirisu No. 18 has started!

09:24 Meri: Those who are already knitting can participate

09:24 Tokuko: The period is until 8/20, so it's pretty loose.

09:25 Meri: Two months. There is always someone who knits two

09:26 Tokuko: I'm sure some people will be able to complete it during the Obon holidays.

09:27 Meri: Right. There is also a gorgeous present by lottery from those who completed it.

09:28 Tokuko: We will be giving out the usual gift certificates from our store!

09:28 Tokuko: But please upload the ones in the middle of knitting. Just add #amirisu18kal.

09:28 Meri: Join us on Instagram.

09:29 Meri: You look forward to seeing photos every day

09:29 Tokuko: Oh yeah. Well, I think people who haven't participated are watching quite a bit.

09:29 Tokuko: It's fun to see people's knitting.

09:30 Meri: I want to make a nice photo award too

09:31 Meri: Please join us

09:31 Tokuko: Prizes will be announced later, so stay tuned!

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