January 27, 2018

Congratulations! 15 issue on sale!

09:14 Meri: good morning

09:14 Meri: Celebration sale!

09:14 Tokuko: Congratulations!

09:15 Meri: Thank you 😊

09:15 Tokuko: There's always a lot going on before the release, but this time it was tough too. We've made it this far.

09:15 Meri: On the Shinkansen, holding a writhing baby on my lap

09:16 Meri: It was hard! But thanks to you. thank you

09:17 Meri: You said the issue was as nice as the concept.

09:17 Tokuko: Nice cover.

09:19 Meri: Right. I feel like I've arrived while taking a picture. different from the original plan

09:19 Tokuko: I can't remember the original plan at all. . .

09:20 Meri: It was a white background

09:21 Tokuko: Yes. We all went through trial and error in the studio and ended up with that.

09:22 Meri: I'm sorry, the baby just escaped.

09:22 Meri: yeah I ended up with a black background

09:23 Meri: There's also an amirisu design this time

09:24 Tokuko: Yes. I finally decided to start.

09:24 Meri: Tokuko knitted and wrote the pattern. thank you

09:25 Tokuko: Plan to release something that both of you think is good. Just in time for the delivery! This is what I was desperately knitting at the time of the retreat.

09:25 Meri: Simple but cute when worn

09:26 Tokuko: Yes. I'm planning to wear it at the time of the Tokyo opening. Wear the one that suits you. Meri might be better.

09:26 Meri: Yes, can you wear the samples?

09:27 Tokuko: Yes. In anticipation of that, I thought I should bring less clothes!

09:28 Meri: I didn't realize. Oops. I brought the tokuko sweater I got

09:28 Tokuko: It's a little tight, but you were able to wear it. By the way, I'm wearing it now.

09:29 Meri: Pretty good.

09:30 Tokuko: Good. Oh, it's snowing in Kyoto!

09:30 Meri: Right! It's snowing, but everyone, please come and visit us at the trunk show.

09:30 Tokuko: The exhibition starts today at the Kyoto store. The kit will also be sold at the online shop, so please purchase it.

09:30 Tokuko: Well, Meri, tomorrow in Tokyo!

09:30 Meri: Yes! nice to meet you!