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what are you knitting now? ~ HUG HUG KISS KISS shawl knitted by YOWZA and LARK ~

November 27, 2021


It's getting colder and colder, and it's the best season for knitting!

Today, I would like to introduce the Hug Hug Kiss Kiss shawl knitted by Nakanaga, a staff member.
The designated yarn is mYak Baby Yak Medium , but I knit Yowza from Miss Babs for MC and Lark from Quince & Co. for CC.

Actually, this shawl was knitted last year. Because the thread was thick, it went smoothly and finished knitting in a blink of an eye.

It's finally getting cold, so I was able to block safely the other day. Will I be able to use it properly this winter?

The name of the pattern, Hug Hug Kiss Kiss, which raises the tension, comes from the pattern of rows of crosses like an X and bobbles like a ○. When designer Andrea saw this pattern, he thought of xoxo (= hugs & kisses), which is used in English emails.

The parts without patterns are garter-knitted, so it's easy. According to Nakanaga, "There are few bobbles for Andrea's pattern, so it's easy!" It is a knitting method that starts from the base of the triangle and gradually increases the number of stitches.

Yowza, which is soft and slightly thin, and Lark, which is firm and thick, are combined, so the Lark part of the finished shawl has a dense and sturdy feel. If you are worried about the finish, I think it would be a good idea to match threads with similar thickness and texture.

And this is the same shawl knitted by another staff member with the designated mYak yarn.
The amount of MC thread is just barely enough, so if you run out, you can use CC thread like the shawl on the right side to decorate the edges.

More mYak will be available in the future, so be sure to check out our online shop and Instagram. We also recommend using Corrie Worsted from La Bien Aimée, which was released the other day.

The kit is sold out, but if you choose your favorite thread from the online shop and write "Hug Hug Kiss Kiss pattern request" in the remarks column when purchasing, we can attach a Japanese sentence pattern. (The pattern fee will be charged separately.)

Details Thread (color): MC = Miss Babs Yowza (Croset), CC = Quince & Co. Lark (Crow, Kittywake, Iceland)
Needle: US8

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