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yomirisu online Vol.1 Nice to meet you, like a radio from now on.

April 17, 2020

yomirisu online Vol.1 はじめまして、これからラジオみたいに。

The booklet " yomirisu " delivered from amirisu.
Tokuko-san and Meri-san, who like to read.

I wish I could give everyone a moment to read a book,
That's how I started.

I am in charge of editing and writing at " yomirisu ".
I met Meri, who had just moved to Kyoto through Sekiyurio's connection,
I learned that there is such a warm connection through knitting.

Having something you love makes you stronger.
Your body and mind will feel better.
When I decided to stay home.
It's not an exaggeration, but I think it will help me tomorrow.

Writing is one of them for me.
I hope you can enjoy such a story that will change your mind a little like a radio if you can do it here.

yes, just now
I participated in the " #cookbook relay" on Instagram.
This was started by the editors of Shufunotomosha, and people involved in cookbooks, such as cooks, photographers, and editors, will introduce their favorite books in a relay format.

I happily accepted the baton from my friend's editor, but in the end,
I plucked this and that book from the bookshelf and wondered which one to use, this one, oh, this one is good too... I was torn!
I don't even have a job, what are you doing!

…… No, no, but worrying means that there are so many things I like.
You can check what you like,
Pulling out a book is a good thing once in a while.

It's interesting that not only popular chefs but also editors, who usually work behind the scenes, participate in the " #cookbook relay", and it's fun to see each one.
A recipe book that has been used for many years, everyone's bible, something to read...
The world of cooking also has love and power that is similar to knitting.
Please take a look at our time! relay/

Well then, thank you for your continued support!


Aki Miyashita

I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.
" yomirisu " Vol.6 is in production!

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