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I want to knit with Woolfolk!

February 02, 2023


The first amirisu designer collection in 2023 is a design using Woolfolk.

Those of you who have used Woolfolk will know that they are all high-end brands of wool. The feel and texture are good, and it's already the best. This is a wonderful brand of yarn that once you knit it, you will become addicted to it.

Amirisu has been purchasing this yarn since the beginning of Woolfolk, but there was one problem.
All of Woolfolk's patterns are large! The model is over 170cm, and even though it's a small size, the length is long. I'm 155cm, but the pattern is written with a length that I can't compete with.
In that case, the amount of thread to be made into a kit will inevitably increase, and the price will also rise. It was a source of trouble for all the staff.

Therefore, a project to design Woolfoolk for Japanese people started last year. I made a pattern with a size expansion starting from a small size. With this, even someone who is not tall like me can wear it without problems. And of course, less thread is required!

I will briefly explain the characteristics of each pattern.

Azami designed by Mr. Komiya. Go top-down with Woolfolk FÅR. FÅR has the best texture and warmth among Woolfolk. I am a model, but this sweater was the warmest. The pattern on the yoke is very cute, but if you use Woolfolk for the color you are using, it will look chic. I think it's a piece that can be worn regardless of age.

Minori designed by Miki. A short sweater knitted from the bottom made up of patterned panels. It's Miki's design, so it's fashionable. And as a comment from the pattern teacher, Miki-san, you did a great job with the bottom-up pattern for the first time! Ladies and gentlemen, Miki's hard work, please knit it.

Hinoki designed by Keiko. Woolfolk FÅR and Flette braided cowl. The flette is blurred, so the difference in the knitted fabric is interesting. If you do your best to finish the thread, you can use the back side as well. How about a present for a prickly and noisy man?

Yukiyanagi knitted with Woolfolk FÅR designed by me. Go bottom up. The hem and cuffs have a pattern, and the raglan line has the same pattern.
I wanted to wear the comfort of Woolfolk FÅR every day, so I chose a simple design. The neckline can be stuffed if you want.

Makiba designed by Mr. Ohtsuru. Advanced technique of knitting with Mokemoke's Flette Bulky and knitting with TOV by changing the color of the points!
Actually, Flette Bulky, the knitted fabric is cute, but it is very difficult to determine the number of rows, so it is a pattern that has been considered in various ways to make it easy to knit. If you're looking for a casual but classy vest, this is the one for you.

This collection shows the goodness of each designer. This is a made-to-order product, so please take your time and consider the color and other details before placing your order.
Whether it's cuteness, warmth, or texture, look through your wardrobe and choose your favorite color.


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