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Challenge Willow Tank! "Tokuko's Summer Vacation Homework"

August 09, 2017

Willow Tankに挑戦!"トクコの夏休みの宿題"

I started selling fabrics last year, but it was a high hurdle for me, who was far from sewing, so I just watched in silence as Meri and the staff sewed one after another.
But this year is the challenge! I decided to sew Willow Tank , which I really liked after seeing the sample.

from the sewing machine. As a result of various searches, I chose a computerized sewing machine called Singer SC250. Surprisingly cheap! And I was surprised by the performance! The sewing machine is progressing without me knowing. I was very happy with my purchase.
The cloth is of course COTTON + STEEL . Any 100% cotton (sheeting fabric) will do. I think it's cute regardless of whether it's a large pattern or a fine pattern. I needed 1.5m for my size.
After that, I bought a chaco pencil and chaco paper, a long ruler and a sewing thread. I had a pair of scissors and a ruler so it was fine. Well start!

First, cut the included thin pattern paper to your size. My size is 4. Bust was 34 inches. Next, cut the cloth. For the first time, I realized that the name of the manufacturer, Grain line, means "grain". I didn't really understand the texture and notch, but if I just cut it along the texture, it wouldn't be a problem. It became troublesome to copy the line from the middle, so I cut it off as it was! This pattern includes a seam allowance, so it's okay.

OK, now all that's left is to sew. The key to this pattern is the biasing of the armholes and armholes. . .
But when I tried it, I was able to understand the picture that was written. The point is that the instructions say to make the bias loop first, but if you don't do that, you should pull the string-like cloth of the bias considerably while sewing it to the bodice. Finally, if you make the bias a circle, it's OK!
If you search for bias processing, it is introduced in various blogs. Everyone is doing research. It was the same as the world of knitting.

So, do your best and complete it in one day! Other than the fact that I got so carried away that I hurt my back, I'm very satisfied. A student asked me, "Where did you buy that tank top?" Yay. I will wear it this summer.


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