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what are you knitting now? ~ Marettimo knitted with Viola and LITLG ~

June 29, 2019

今何編んでる? 〜 ViolaとLITLGで編むMarettimo 〜

As soon as the rainy season starts, it's extremely humid! However, the difficult part of the rainy season is that there are sometimes cold days.

The staff knitted something that is perfect for the cold and rainy season today, so I will introduce it.

Marettimo is the famous top-down Caitlin Hunter that amirisu also designed. This is a cute bottom-up design with lace on the hem.

According to Ravelry, it's called a summer sweater, but Japanese people don't have the courage to wear short-sleeved wool in the summer. Now is the time to wear it!

It seems that the staff mixed two hand-dyed brands and knitted. I often get asked if it must be from the same brand, but as long as the thickness is the same, there is no problem. Just worry about color matching!
Also, Caitlin has a loose hand and a gauge that no one can match. It seems that the staff also knit S size and finished it small. Everyone please be careful about that.

Colors are as follows:
Thread used for MC = Muscari from Viola Sock
Brown part of the lace = Viola Sock Eclipse
Black part of lace = Caudron from LITLG Twist Sock

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