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what are you sewing now ~ Emerald Dress made with Vestige ~

July 12, 2019

Since it's summer, I would like to introduce the staff's sewing works.

me the first time. I was thinking of making at least one dress this summer, and this time I chose the one that appeared in the making magazine.

This was a mechanism to download A4 size PDF from the site, paste it diligently, and cut the paper pattern. Even though it takes time and effort to attach about 30 pieces of paper with cellophane tape, I was grateful that I didn't have to copy the hard-to-understand pattern paper, which I hate the most.

The original pattern was made with a loose cloth, so I changed the sleeves and hem a little.
The large part of the bodice is taken diagonally, and thanks to that, the waist looks like it has a shape.
I also attach a pocket, but I was surprised at how to attach it quite appropriately. It was easy.

However, sewing is a complete hobby, so unlike knitting, I do it with the spirit of "It's okay!" It's difficult to get rid of the hem and collar. But no one will find out, so no problem!
I hope everyone will try it with that same feeling.

Detailed usage pattern: Emerald Dress from making No.7 DESERT
Cloth: 2m of Vestige by bookhou, Line Dance Rudy

There are no sleeves, and fusible interlining is pasted around the armholes and wrapped.
The hem is sewn with a zigzag sewing machine and folded once. No adhesive core.

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