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amirisu Travel vol.1 Pattern Introduction ~Trek~

February 03, 2022

amirisu Travel vol.1 パターン紹介 〜Trek編〜

This time, we will introduce a pattern using Trek , a twisted wool that can be used all year round.

First up is Wakakusa designed by Yucca.

Trek is durable and resistant to pilling, making it perfect for knitting socks. The eyes are aligned with nature, and the finish is very beautiful.

This design, which has a plaid pattern on top of a striped base, started with the pattern on the heel. The stitches overlap like a lattice, and it looks cute and is durable.

The three colors used in the sample (snowtop, smoke, and sunrise) are said to be Yucca's favorite colors among Trek.

And here is a sample that I knitted in different colors.

The braided pattern on the legs can be brightly colored to make it stand out, or it can be used in a casual color scheme. 20m is enough, so if you have Trek left over from knitting other socks, you can use it.

A double-knit hat, the Miwa combines Trek and silk mohair Drift.

The delicate lace pattern is double knitted, and other parts such as elastic are knitted with two strands.

The theme is travel, so Hiromi, the designer, says, "I wanted to create a hat that would look completely different on the front and back when I took it on a trip."

If you put it on the back side, the blue lace pattern disappears and the white Trek stands out, giving a completely different impression. It's very soft and light, so I want to fold it into a small size and put it in my bag at any time. When you wear it, it fits perfectly on your head and is warm.

This is Misen , a set of mittens and cowl. The slanted lattice pattern stands out clearly and makes you want to touch it. It may take time to cross-knit while doing color work, but please try knitting slowly one by one.

Mr. Miki, who designed it, said that he thought of this design, ``If you can make a weave like a fabric with the thinness of Trek.''

In addition, a technique called Latvian Braid is used at the ends of the braided pattern. The braid-like decoration is a cute accent. It is a traditional technique that has been used in the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe. There is also a video of how to knit, so please feel free to challenge.

Finally, a handsome summer top, Tamaki .

Designed by Tokuko. "I always thought that Trek's refreshing feeling would be good even in early summer, so I aimed for something that can be worn alone in June."

The cuffs, hem, collar, and shoulders are garter-knit, and the rest is a full lace pattern. Although it is all lace, the shape is like a polo shirt, so even those who are not good at lace can wear it without hesitation.

In the sample, Atelier Brunette's glittery buttons add cuteness to the cool collar. It's a little transparent, so you can play with the color and shape of the inner layer.

If you knit it now, it should be in time for June. I would like you to choose a beautiful Trek color and knit it.

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