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amirisu Travel vol.1 Pattern Introduction ~Hike Edition~

February 01, 2022

amirisu Travel vol.1 パターン紹介 〜Hike編〜

amirisu Travel vol.1, the release date is approaching!

Unlike the magazine amirisu, Travel has both spring/summer patterns and autumn/winter patterns. I would be happy if you could try knitting multiple knits throughout the year.

Well, it's cold, so i still want to knit wool. So, this time I will introduce a pattern using Hike.

First of all, Saho decorated the cover.

A set of warm Aran-patterned cardigan and hat .

The cardigan has a cable, pique, and honeycomb pattern all over, giving it an outstanding knitting feel. It seems that you can knit without getting tired of it until the end.

Megumi, a designer, always starts with threads when thinking about designs. Feel the thread, try knitting, and think about what kind of knitting fabric suits you. This time, I decided to use a lot of cables to take advantage of Hike's twist strength. It seems that he tried knitting many swatches to see how to arrange the cable patterns to improve the balance.

The loose design gives you plenty of room, and I think you can layer it over a thin sweater.

It feels heavy when you hold it in your hand, but when you put it on, it doesn't feel heavy (really!). Please come to the store and try on the samples.

The hat uses a slightly different cable pattern than the cardigan.
It's quite deep, so it's warm to cover your ears. It's cute even if you wear it shallowly and squish the tip.

This is a round yoke sweater, Asuka .

This color combination, white, khaki, beige, brown, light denim, etc., seems to be easy to match with various colored pants and is versatile!

According to designer Miki, when it comes to travel, the image of "nature" comes to mind. It seems that the color of the sample was designed with the image of a squirrel's tail only. I thought so and looked at the pattern, and it seems that a small squirrel is lurking.

This time, model kazumi is wearing a cap, but this is actually a personal item of hair and makeup Yoshikawa. I took this photo at the summit of Mt. Wakakusa, but the wind was so strong that day that my hair was all messed up. At that time, Mr. Yoshikawa quickly took off his hat and put it on Mr. Kazumi. Then, it fits perfectly with the coordination and gives off a slightly mischievous girl-like atmosphere. It seemed so fitting that we were both happy and somewhat strange, and the coldness was blown away for a moment. The hair and makeup artist who can move flexibly is amazing.

… and the story has been derailed, but what kind of atmosphere will this sweater have if you change the color? I'm looking forward to it being something completely different. Please show us your work by posting it on Instagram.

The third is a classic-feeling vest,Uda .

If you are unfamiliar with Nara, I think that Uda cannot be converted, but I write "UDA". Hike takes its name from the name of the river, Udagawa.

It is a neat and elegant vest. You can match it with a T-shirt as shown in the photo, and of course it goes well with a shirt.

The upper part is knitted, and the lower part has a casual diagonal pattern. The pattern is only knitted on the back. It's easy.

The design is as simple as possible so that it can be worn by both men and women. It will also make a great gift for men. Hike has a refreshing feel, so I think you can wear it cool without being fluffy.

The chest pocket is a little accent. Hiromi, the designer, advises, "If you have extra threads, it would be cute to change the color of the edge of the pocket opening." Please, try it.

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