November 25, 2017

Recommended patterns to knit with TOV DK

TOV DKで編むおすすめパターン

Woolfolk's new yarn for this season, TOV DK . The yarn is strongly twisted, so it is easy to knit and has an interesting texture. And it looks classy. Inevitably, the thicker the thread, the more casual the knitting becomes, but this is not the case! It's unique to Woolfolk. I think it's an adult thread.

Since it is DK, you should be able to create something fun and good without any troubles.
Let's start with the sweater.

Sweatshirt Sweater by Purl Soho

I think that the goodness of the thread that is the best for an ordinary sweater comes out. It's a free pattern.
From 7 cassettes.

Campside Cardi by Alicia Plummer

A popular pattern from Ravelry. This kind of shape is useful, isn't it? Top down.
This is also from 7 cases.

Botanical Yoke Pullover by Purl Soho

The sweater I wore on YouTube Live on November 25th . Although it is just a combination of rubber knitting patterns, it looks like a complicated pattern. It is one piece that guarantees warmth. The thread is probably a little thin, so you can adjust the size. From 10 cases.

Sherman by Bristol Ivy

I also found a nice pattern in the new Bristol book ! This looks like it would be a really nice blanket. From 7 cassettes.

Next is the muffler and scarf. I recently bought a nice coat, so I want a nice scroll to wrap around it. You should be able to knit something better than the commercial product!

Jasmine Scarf by Purl Soho

I think that the normal muffler is also good these days. Perfect for knitting. free pattern.
About 4 cases.

Paris Toujours by Isabell Kraemer

You can use this large shawl in cold Kyoto! The simple type is easier to wind. 5 caskets.

Finally a hat. I don't have a nice knit hat. I've been wearing the same one for about 6 years now. Come on, I want one. . .

Hot Cider by Amy Miller

The cable pattern should stand out clearly. I believe you can adjust the length.

So which one should we knit? I also want to knit a hat. Have fun knitting!

Please purchase TOV DK here.