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what are you knitting now? -The Shift that allows you to use leftover yarn and mini-cassettes-

October 22, 2022

今何編んでる?~余り糸やミニカセを活用できるThe Shift~

With Mystery KAL, many of you may have had a different color-matching adventure.
And when you knit a colorful shawl, you always end up with extra yarn.

In such a case, I would like to recommend Andrea Mowry 's The Shift ! It is a pattern that allows you to freely put in your favorite colors and use the excess yarn.

Mr. Nakanaga knitted using 8 colors of mini-cassettes included in the 2020 amirisu advent calendar!

Originally, the pattern was knitted using three colors of Spincycle, but it's cute even if you add more colors. Some places even have mohair.

It looks complicated, but it has a simple design with two different patterns that alternate, making it perfect for knitting.

In the next pattern, the colors used as the color scheme thread are used as the ground thread, so that the colors gradually change. If you decide the rules like this, you won't have to worry about knitting, so it's recommended.

Knit like this with a flat stitch like a home base, and finally stitch the sides.

I wanted it to fit around my neck, so I made it a little smaller. It also seems to protect against drafts.

Please try knitting with your extra yarn.

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