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Simple tote bag made with Oilskin

March 02, 2023


Simple tote bag published in yomirisu12 , easy to make and easy to use!
Instead of Atelier Brunette's Gabardine, the members of the Kyoto store used Dry Organic Cotton Oilskin from Merchant & Mills .

Since it is oil-coated, it is strong against water and is the perfect cloth for bags.
Moisturizing to the touch. But don't worry, it's not sticky.
Compared to the soft and rustic Gabardine, it has a sharp atmosphere.
Hasuda, who is a beginner in sewing, also tried using it with the conviction that "Isn't it possible to look high quality without any skill?"

From left,

Nakacho-san make it bigger without changing the aspect ratio. (Height is 102 cm, width is 42 cm, and the handle length is 65 cm. This size allows you to use the fabric without wasting it!)
Mei-san followed the pattern.
Hasuda shorten the length by 6 cm and make it smaller.

The range of the arrangement is infinite as much as the pattern is simple.

Nakacho-san has added shoulder straps, magnetic snaps, and inner fabric (with pockets!). Way to go!

The inner cloth is a happy Mickey pattern purchased at Disneyland.
The Jack Tar Hardware Kit , which includes a leather strap, D-rings, and rivets, makes it easy to get the materials together. (*A swivel is not included, so please get it yourself.)
Nakacho-san and Mei-san's size can easily fit a PC, so it's perfect for a commuting bag.

The good thing about sewing is that the stitches on the handle are randomly applied, so you don't have to worry if the seams are misaligned. I think it's cute if you dare to put stitches in a color that stands out.

There are many good things about oilskin.
・It's lighter than Gabardine. ・You can't use a chalk pen, but it's easy to cut because it folds easily.
・You can enjoy aging. It doesn't seem to change that much, but the more you use it, the more the fabric will become more flavorful.

If you don't arrange it, you can make it in 1-2 hours, so maybe I'll make another one with a different color and shape? I'm planning.

An Oilskin kit is also available.
Everyone, please add your favorite arrangement and make it.


Detailed fabric used: Merchant & Mills Dry Organic Cotton Oilskin
Color: Rust, Oxblood

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