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Newel KAL, progress report!

February 17, 2022

Newel KAL、進捗報告!

Newel KAL being held with 4 staff members.Quarry from Brooklyn Tweed knitting a Newel cardigan.

You can clearly see the difference in progress in this photo.
The early person is approaching the area where the front and back bodies are separated on the side. If you're late, your pockets aren't attached to your body yet.

Wow! Very advanced!
I can't lose!

... and it's kind of showing the aspect of competition.

No, I don't want to compete, but recently there are warm days in the middle of the day. I will continue to do my best without slowing down.

Well, it was difficult to make, but the pocket part was also woven in a different way.

First, knit the front side of the left and right pockets (where the cable pattern is), then pick up the 5 stitches on the bottom side of the pocket front and connect them to the bodice, and knit the bodice. Then, like this, the body and the pocket overlapped by only 5 eyes.

The back side of the pocket seems to be woven last.

After that, there are many points that seem difficult, such as knitting between the eyes with back knitting!

What is this squid-like protrusion? . Do you agree?
We are all a little uneasy, and we are happy to understand the meaning of the pattern as we proceed.

Here are the points to note.

・When I tried knitting, all of them were larger than expected. I knit almost according to the gauge, so the finished size listed in the pattern may be smaller. I'll try to check it out eventually.

・In addition, around the left middle of the Japanese pattern p12

"Knit one more row (WS). Be careful that you have knitted to the last row of the chart ."

If you are knitting together, please refer to it.
(Currently sold patterns have already been corrected.)

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