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Sudden! Newel KAL start!

February 04, 2022

突発!Newel KALスタート!

Hello everyone.

It's sudden, but KAL suddenly started at the office in Kyoto!
It's a festival of knitting Newel cardigans at Brooklyn Tweed'sQuarry .

Newel is a cute cardigan with a silhouette that falls at the back and a cable on the front. It also has pockets and is practical and can be worn casually .

KAL stands for Knit Along. In other words, let's all knit the same thing or the same theme together! About the event.
The other day, the four staff members from Kyoto did a cast-on all at once. I want to get excited, so I will introduce it on my blog.

It all started with Nakanaga's plot.

A little while ago, Mr. Nakanaga was finishing another cardigan at Quarry. Quarry is thick, so it goes smoothly, it's light, and it's comfortable to knit. "I want to knit another one, Newel."

So, when I called out at the office...

Aiko who just got 6 Quarry on hand!
Mr. Akko, who used to take the gauge, but didn't cast on because it was troublesome to make another chain!
I want to get on anything at the festival (I can teach you) Hasuda!

The flow that the above three people were caught.
The next day after I called out to them, everyone had their threads ready. really sudden.

The colors look like this. It's cute just by arranging the skeins.

From left,

Akko: Moonstone
Aiko: Serpentine
Mr. Nakanaga: Fossil
Hasuda: Geode


I can imagine that it would be even cuter if everyone wore it after finishing it.

If you look closely, you can see that there are different colored grains.

However, although it was good to try riding vigorously, when I looked at the pattern level, it was written as "Adventurous Intermediate".

We will start from the hem, but as you can see from the level notation, we will use a slightly different knitting method from the beginning.
Even if I read the pattern, I don't really understand it, so I'm knitting while being taught by Mr. Nakanaga, who rushes ahead, but as I move my hands, I realize that I'm doing it, and it's interesting.

Except for Aiko, I used Judy's Magic Cast On, which is often used for the toes of socks, instead of making a separate chain.

The thread is thick, so it should be fast once you start. I'll probably post the progress in another blog.

Aiming to wear it as an outerwear in early spring, why don't you knit Newel with Quarry? ? Knitting together is fun.

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