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Newel cardigan completed!

March 25, 2022


Newel KAL started in February with 4 staff in Kyoto.
It was a festival of knitting Newel cardigans in different colors with Brooklyn Tweed's thick yarnQuarry .

Actually, it was almost finished at the beginning of March, but there was not a day when the four of us would be together, so I failed to take a picture. I was finally able to take a picture today, so it's an unveiling!

I'm happy to be able to wear it before it gets really warm.

What do you think?
I'm sure there are differences in the clothes you wear inside, but don't the colors make a difference at all? I was surprised that I didn't feel like I was wearing a matching outfit.

Looking from behind it looks like this.

After wearing it, the impression is that it is light and warm.

The loose design allows you to wear a lot inside, and it doesn't strain your shoulders.

However, since the sleeves are designed to be tight, it is a bit painful to wear it over a dolman sleeve innerwear or a thick sweater.

The size is Hasuda 160cm from the left, M
Akko-san 160cm, S
Aiko-san 155cm, S
Mr. Nakanaga 157cm, L

Akko-san and Aiko-san knitted the same S, but there was a big difference in the finished size.
Akko raised the number of needles several times and knitted according to the gauge, resulting in a larger finish.
Aiko wondered, "Isn't it a little big?"

If you knit according to the pattern, it may be finished in a large size. We recommend choosing a smaller size from the beginning or knitting with the needles lowered.

It was a difficult pattern to decipher, but I'm glad we were able to help each other and keep our motivation going.
And thanks to the publication of the blog, which actually became a "work knitting" (?), I was able to knit smoothly.

However, in fact, there is one person who has not completed it...

Surprisingly, Mr. Akko is not wearing the back of his pocket. I suddenly lost my motivation and left it, saying, "I won't wear it seriously next winter." Everyone wondered why I didn't do it when it would be over in 30 minutes, and I was harassed... Still, I didn't change my mind, and I took a picture with a cable and a ball of thread attached. (The reason why the knitted fabric is a little wrinkled is because blocking has not yet been done.)

When spring comes, I want to knit new things one after another, and it's difficult to turn on the switch once it's turned off. I feel like I understand.

By the way, Akko ran out of yarn for the back of his pocket, so I used everyone's leftover yarn.

A glimpse of the color should be cute.
Everyone, please continue to support the completion.

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