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The Factory Top made with nani IRO Textile

August 18, 2022

nani IRO Textileで作るThe Factory Top

Popular pattern from Merchant and Mills, The Factory .

Originally it was a dress, but a little while ago, a pattern arranged for a top appeared. The handsome collar is just as it is, and it seems to expand the range of wearing.

Nakanaga, who loves open-collared shirts, fell in love at first sight! I made two of these last weekend.

The fabric used is nani IRO Textile's thin linen (pattern: rakuen) for the floral pattern , and nani IRO Textile's linen gauze (pattern: Air Time) for the other.

Both are light and soft, perfect for summer.
It's well ventilated, "It's really cool and the best!" Just wearing the floral pattern will make you feel like you are traveling to a southern island, and the gentle pattern that looks like a light watercolor painting will be very comfortable to wear!

The fact that it can be worn over the head and does not have buttons is also a recommended point. You don't have to make buttons or stop it, so it's a lot easier.

There is nothing particularly difficult, but you need to be a little careful when handling thin and rough fabrics like gauze.

Since it frays easily, Mr. Nakanaga changed the stitch width of the sewing machine from the standard 2.5mm to 2mm.
If you use a zigzag sewing machine, the fabric will inevitably stretch and the end paper will flutter.

Here are the other changes.

- Removed breast pocket
- Length shortened by 6cm
・The depth of the opening of the collar has been slightly shallowed (Mr. Nakanaga made a size 16, but he said it was a size 10)

Like this, the hem slit is in the front.

Even if you try making it with a slightly thicker fabric, it will keep its shape and look cute!

To make it, you need to buy the pattern from The Factory Dress plus the PDF pattern for arrangement. In the additional PDF, there is a paper pattern for the body and how to finish the hem.

If you can draw your own pattern, you may be able to do it with the information on the Merchant and Mills blog without buying an additional PDF.

Please take a look.


Pattern: The Factory, Factory Top Addition
Fabric: nani IRO Textile thin linen, nani IRO Textile linen gauze
Size: 16

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