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Mystery KAL 2022 Q&A

August 31, 2022

Mystery KAL 2022 Q&A

Amirisu Mystery KAL 2022!
We have compiled frequently asked questions about the event. Please read before you start knitting.

I think it's uneasy to knit without knowing the finished shape, but enjoying it is the real pleasure of Mystery KAL.
Don't expect perfection. Since it's a shawl, you can just wrap it around your neck even if the shape changes a little.
If you try to wear the color, it's something you don't really care about.
It's important to have fun! I hope this Mystery KAL will give you a chance to start knitting more freely.

From Tokuko

[Basic questions]

What are KALs?
Abbreviation for Knit along. This is an event where everyone can knit together under the same theme.

What are Mystery KALs?
Since it is a mystery, it is a KAL that can be knitted without knowing the finished shape.
This time, the only thing I knew at first was that it was a shawl, and that the threads used were 4 colors of Fingering.
The pattern is divided into 5 pieces and you will receive one each week for 5 weeks. The pattern that arrives is called a Clue (= key to solving the mystery). What's next? Please continue knitting with excitement.

How do I participate?
Purchase a pattern set from our online shop.

Can I participate without buying a thread set?
of course. Please use the thread you have on hand. It doesn't have to be yarn purchased at amirisu.

Can even a beginner do it?
I will attach an easy-to-understand knitting video, so if you are motivated, you can do it!

But all patterns are sentences. No knitting pattern. It may be difficult for those who are new to sentence patterns. If you're worried about it, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with Japanese sentence patterns in advance. Please search for "Japanese sentence pattern" in the online shop and find the pattern you like.

Does it have to be completed during the period?
It doesn't matter if you don't complete it. Feel free to knit at your own pace.

However, during the KAL period, everyone knits at the same time. If you have time, it is recommended that you do your best and finish it during the period.
When the period ends, many photos of the completed work will be posted on Instagram, so be careful if you don't want to see spoilers.

[About threads, color matching, and yarn sets]

Do you have any tips for color matching?
There is no correct answer for color matching, so choose your favorite color.
Here are some other points to note.

- Include contrasting color combinations
・Hand-dyed shimmery threads should be about 1-2 colors. If all the threads are flickering, the pattern will be difficult to see.
・When combining 4 colors of thread with 2 colors each, it's OK if you can combine them without any discomfort and feel good!

Should I have the same thread material?
Threads mixed with alpaca, yak, cotton, etc. are fine, but it is easier to knit if the main yarn is wool.

Should the thickness of the thread be the same?
It is easier to knit when they are aligned.
It doesn't matter if the size or shape of the shawl changes a little, so if you really want to use it, it may be okay to mix it with a Sport shawl.

Is it okay to wear mohair?
Depending on the Clue, it is assumed that mohair is difficult to knit. If you want to use it, try to incorporate it partially as an accent color.
We do not recommend including mohair in the basic 4 skeins.

Is there any specification of where and how many colors are to be used for the yarn set?
Not specified. No matter where you use it, it will surely look great!

The set I wanted was sold out. Is it possible that the same set will be resold?
Depending on the thread, it is unlikely that the exact same set will be resold. If it is sold out, try buying similar threads separately and combining them.

Can I change the color in the middle?
No problem. If you don't like it, it would be fun to add more and more new threads. The good thing about shawls is that, unlike clothing, you can go on adventures with colors.

Since the story is about the moon, should I put yellow in it?
don't worry about it at all. Please choose your favorite color!

Is it possible for you to consult with me about color selection at the shop?
can. Please come and visit us. However, the staff does not know what kind of shawl it will be, so please understand that point.

I hated the color combination halfway through. I can't believe it. What should I do? There are some workarounds.
1. Why don't you take the plunge and try knitting in a different color? You can re-knit it as many times as you want until you are satisfied.
2. It is difficult to choose the ideal color without knowing the finished shape. If you really don't want to make a mistake, wait until the end of KAL and see the finished product before choosing your favorite color. The excitement will be reduced, but I think you can choose a color that you can agree with.
3. How about adding more colors? Recommended for those who like Stephen West knits. The more colors you add, the better the unity will be, making it a one-of-a-kind shawl.

[About the shawl]

What is the finished size?
It's about the size of using three 100g skeins. It's not too big, not too small, and easy to use.

What shape will the shawl be?
It is not a triangle, a semicircle, or a rectangle, but a deformation.


How many centimeters or more should the cord of the circular needle be?
60cm or more is easy to knit.

Can you knit with double needles?
I think it is possible up to Clue 1, but it is difficult with a double needle because the number of stitches increases gradually. Please use a circular needle.

How much do you care about games?
It's a shawl, so you don't have to worry about it too much. However, if you don't have enough thread, you may run out of thread, so be careful.

Is it an error? Who should I contact if I have a problem?
Please email us at
Please be sure to write your order number and full name.

Are there any penalties for spoilers on Instagram without a cover photo?
We can't check everything, and there are no penalties.
However, I would appreciate it if you could cooperate in preventing spoilers as much as possible. If you do not want to be spoiled, we recommend that you do not check SNS.

What is Dropbox?
A system for storing files online. If you know the URL of the folder where the file is saved, you can view the file from your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. No registration required.

Starting September 16th, we will put patterns in folders every Friday for 5 weeks. We will notify you by e-mail when the data is stored, so please access the folder and download the file.


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