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I tried knitting a new yarn from mYak

July 30, 2021


I love mYak yarn. I've knitted Baby Yak Yarn Medium and Baby Yak Yarn Lace a few times so far, and they are soft and easy to knit, and the knitted sweaters and shawls are warm, non-irritating and pill-free. It is a good thread so that there is no cut.

Kupa Baby Yak Organic Cotton , a new yarn from mYak this year. Light fingering weight yarn made from a blend of 50% organic cotton and 50% yak. When I looked at the mYak website, I saw a recommended pattern for knitting with this yarn, so I decided to try knitting Joji's Ripple Lake Cardigan short sleeve cardigan swatch first.

It's a cotton blend, so it's refreshing, but it's also light, and the lace pattern is clearly visible. Even if you block it, it doesn't stretch too much and feels good on the skin. This cardigan has pleats on the back, and I have high hopes that if it is knitted with this thread, the drape will come out beautifully. If you wear it over a T-shirt, it's absolutely cute.

Amirisu has been selling Sonetto kits designed by yamagara since yesterday. If you knit this lovely lace and bobble pattern sweater with Kupa, it will definitely be a comfortable piece. I think any color you choose will look great.

We also have a new Evenfall kit from Andrea Mowry, and another short sleeve pullover kit coming soon.

Please try knitting this thread.

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