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The first Maxima recommended pattern!

October 13, 2017

Maxima has arrived from Manos Del Uruguay!
Worsted thickness and single ply. It is a sticky and soft thread. I also like the slight unevenness in color. It's very soft to the touch, so it's also recommended for children.

It's a very popular yarn, so Ravelry has a lot of projects, but this time I put together two kits that are always popular in the shop.

Nanook first . It means polar bear in Inuit language. It's a cute piece that can be worn regardless of age, even if you stop the front or let it flutter. Since it is knitted from the top down, you can freely decide the length.
Two years ago, I knitted with Malabrigo Worsted, a yarn that feels almost the same as Maxima, but shortened and paired with thicker trousers. This is not taken as a sample, so I wear it often!

Tenchi is very popular in amirisu 9. The generous cowl is always one of the most popular items in stores. It's also fun to knit with a different brioche knitting. It is recommended to choose a color with a clear contrast. If the cowl isn't tall enough, it won't really protect you from the cold, but it's tall enough, and it's wide at the end, giving it a nice atmosphere. I often hear stories of people who thought it would be a present, but regretted giving it to them.

Since Maxima is thick, it is nice that even a sweater can be completed quickly.
If you have 6 skeins, I think you can knit a perfect sweater for S or M size.

Next time, we will introduce you to many other recommended patterns. looking forward to.


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