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what are you knitting now? ~ Lizzie Sweater knitted by LITLG Sports ~

November 03, 2022

今何編んでる? 〜LITLG Sportsで編むLizzie Sweater〜

Introducing the staff's knitting, this time it's a Lizzie Sweater knitted by Akko.

The front and back yokes are lined with a brioche pattern that looks like a combination of triangles, and the shoulders are garters. The gentle color with colorful particles and the soft knitted fabric are cute and irresistible.

I feel that a sweater with a brioche pattern on the yoke is rare.

It was designed by Susanne Sommer , also known as SOSU, a designer who is good at brioche.

He also designed a long vest called Conflux for amirisu24. Conflux is almost entirely made of brioche and is a masterpiece that even experts will struggle with, but a design that incorporates only a portion of brioche like Lizzie Swater this time is easy for beginners to work on.

Is it because of the color combination? If only the ribs on the collar and cuffs had a different color scheme, there would be a vague “gymnastics uniform” feeling, so I knitted the ribs on the cuffs with MC instead of CC.

The pattern is cropped, but Akko is sensitive to the cold, so both the length and sleeve length are stretched. The sleeves don't fit very well, so you can wear heat tech underneath.

You can enjoy various coordination such as matching it with a skirt or tucking it into thick high-waisted pants. It's fun to knit and wear.

And the Lizzie shawl with the same pattern as this sweater is also cute. Akko also knits shawls and loves them.

Details Thread: LITLG Sport
Color: Night Sky, Starlit (Yarn made for 2020 amirisu Yarn Club, not for general sale)
size 1
Needle used: Forgot

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