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Introduction of LITLG

April 09, 2019


LITLG (Life In The Long Grass) dyed by Caroline and Johnny in the Irish countryside. It is an attractive yarn with fluctuations inspired by the natural scenery of the countryside, old furniture and textures . We asked Caroline to answer a few questions to help you learn more about this lovely brand.

amirisu: How did you start LITLG?

Caroline: After spending two years with my husband renovating a 100-year-old old farm building, what I care about: colors and textures, living sustainably, my creativity and design, and being young. I wanted to have a life that included all the time I spent with my daughter. It was a recession and we had no money, so we had to rely on the skills we had.

I worked in design for years and enjoyed knitting as a hobby, and Johnny was a maker and architect. We bought a small amount of wool, built a website, and dyed yarn inspired by our surroundings. My first dye was the Tin Shed, named after the rusted roof of a common closet, and I slowly expanded my practice. I now have a new studio next door and four people working together.

amirisu: How do you decide on the colors? And which color is your favorite right now?

Caroline: I am very influenced by nature. I am always amazed by the beauty of moss, stones, sea and soil. I am fascinated by the subtle colors found in nature, so I want to reflect that brilliance in my threads.

My current favorite is Harbor, a blue-green base with a lot of grains that seem to be a secret, and the secrets will be revealed one after another as you knit.

amirisu: How many types of threads are there?

Caroline: I always have 6-10 basses. We now have Fine Sock, Twist Sock, Singles Sock, Silk/Merino Sock, Sport Light, DK Twist, Mohair/Silk Lace, Aran, and our new non-superwash sock yarn BFL/Gotland.

amirisu: Please tell us where you live.

Caroline: I live in a very quiet part of the country. The house is about 500 meters up a hill, surrounded by trees, and foxes, hares and pheasants live in the mountains leading up from the garden. It is a place full of greenery, calm and relaxing. In winter, the landscape is bleak and brownish, completely blinded on cloudy days, but bright on sunny days. In Ireland, even if the weather is clear in the morning, it can quickly turn to snow.

The exquisite colors of LITLG are born from the environment surrounded by nature.

At amirisu, we have assembled a kit that allows you to fully enjoy the goodness of this thread.

Waits by Bristol Ivy

If you knit it now, it will be useful from spring to early summer. We also have several types of LITLG threads.

Have fun choosing colors!

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