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Lichen and Lace

September 12, 2020

Lichen and Lace

Lichen and Lace reappeared on amirisu this week. A popular Canadian hand-dyed brand with beautiful colors. I met the owner, Megan, at an event in Canada last year, and she was a wonderful person with a very calm impression.

I asked Megan some questions this time.

amirisu: I heard that you used to run a yarn shop. Have you been dyeing yarn since then?

Megan: Before starting this brand, I had a yarn shop in Toronto's Kensington Market, and there was a hand-dyeing workshop in the basement where I dyed yarn for sale and held dyeing workshops. At that time, I was dyeing a large roll of thread that could be completed in one kasse, and the color was different for each kasse each time. Of course, now there is a recipe for making colors, so you can dye the same color every time.

amirisu: Has your color mood changed since then? And what is your current favorite color?

Megan: Recently, I feel like I'm attracted to earth colors that can be imagined from natural objects. I decide the color by intuition, but my current favorite is Ginger.

amirisu: How many types of threads are there?

Megan: I'm making 6 basses. Worsted, Sock, 1ply fingering, Bulky, Silk mohair , and our favorite is Rustic Heather Sport, a non-superwash yarn spun in Canada .

amirisu: Please tell us where you live now and about your daily life.

Megan: I live in a very cute little town called Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. It takes about 30 minutes to the sea, so I spent a lot of time swimming and relaxing on the beach this summer. My favorite thing to eat on the beach is the locally caught oysters and Crafty Radlers beer is the best.

The cardigan that Megan wore at the event in Canada was so nice that I bought the same yarn on the spot and tried knitting a sweater after returning to Japan. I have Birch from Rustic Heather Sports and Nutmeg from Marsh Mohair. We don't have Mohair in the same color this time, but you can definitely create an atmosphere with any color! Please take this opportunity to try it.

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