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LA BIEN AIMÉE Pop-up Event: Ticket Sales Information

October 07, 2022

LA BIEN AIMÉE Pop-upイベント:チケット販売のご案内

Big event this fall!
Aimée, the owner of La Bien Aimée, is coming to WALNUT Tokyo.

When we announced the event to be held at WALNUT Tokyo, we received a lot of feedback (thank you!), so today we will guide you on how to participate and what to do.

First of all, please see the contents of the event here .
And please purchase a ticket to attend. Tickets will be sold at the online shop.

Ticket sales: Starts around 11:00 on Saturday, October 8, 2022!

There are 4 types of tickets for sale this time.

1. Pop-up shop (with Aimée!)
You can shop at La Bien Aimée's pop-up shop.
Aimée will be at the store, so you can talk about color matching.

2. Pop-up shop (shopping only)
You can shop at La Bien Aimée's pop-up shop.
Aimée is not around, so please enjoy shopping.

3. Knit Night (@WALNUT Tokyo)
You can participate in the knit night surrounding Aimée held at WALNUT Tokyo.

4. Knit Night (Youtube Live)
This is a viewing ticket for Youtube Live, which delivers the state of Knit Night.

The most frequently asked question was, "Can I buy more than one pop-up shop?" I will answer. There are 4 types of products this time, but you can purchase one per person. In order for many customers to participate, we do not allow multiple purchases of the same product. It is NG to buy the same product multiple times even if the time frame is changed.

So it's okay to buy one "pop-up shop (with Aimée!)" and one "pop-up shop (shopping only)". It is NG to buy multiple " pop-up shops (with Aimée!)". Please note that if you purchase more than one of the same item, the order will be automatically cancelled.

We anticipate a large number of applications for this event. We are preparing the system as much as possible, but when too many orders are concentrated, there may be cases where the product was ordered on the system but is out of stock.

As soon as we find out that the item is out of stock, we will contact you (cancellation notice) as soon as possible. If you receive the cancellation notice, I would appreciate it if you could consider it again among the remaining items.
We will post the confirmed order number on the product page so that you can confirm that the order has been confirmed.
I am very sorry to ask you to do this, but if you can understand it, please place an order.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this long introduction and notes.
Tickets will be on sale from tomorrow (October 8th). Please check the schedule and plan to attend the event.

We are looking forward to your participation!

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