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what are you knitting now? ~Bee's Knees knitted with La Bien Aimée Corrie Worsted~

February 16, 2022

今何編んでる? 〜La Bien Aimée Corrie Worstedで編むBee’s Knees〜

Today we would like to introduce Bee's Knees ! Thea Colman's design knitted by Mr. Hirayama of the Tokyo shop.

Continuing from the last time , this is a cardigan knitted with Corrie Worsted , a high-quality thread that was just released in autumn from La Bien Aimée . Bee's Knees means "the best, the best". As the name suggests, it's a nice piece.

The cable pattern on the front joins neatly behind the neck. It looks like it will take a long time to finish because there are patterns all over the cable, but for some reason it was woven at a tremendous speed, and it was finished in 10 days.

Corrie Worsted says that when knitting, the yarn feels stickier and more moist than when you touch it with a skein. The reason I was able to knit quickly was probably because the yarn was easy to knit.

When you put it on, it's warm and warm, and the warmth is perfect!

The sample color of the pattern is deep yellow with a thick shawl collar, but Hirayama's is gray with a thin shawl collar. The sample has a warm and cute atmosphere, but Mr. Hirayama's has a clean and elegant aura.
When spring comes, I would like to match it with a small flower pattern dress and a crisp white shirt.

When picking up the sleeves, I pick up a few more than the specified number and extend the length so that it doesn't look too tight. And I chose a slightly sweet flower-shaped button so that it wouldn't look like an uncle's cardigan.

The point to note is that there are many instructions such as "knit this and reduce this at the same time", so read that section to the end before knitting. Ladies and gentlemen, please take care and try knitting.


Thread used: La Bien Aimée Corrie Worsted

Color : French Gray

Needle used: US6

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