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What to knit with La Bien Aimée yarn!

November 17, 2022

La Bien Aiméeの糸で何を編みましょうか!

The long-awaited La Bien Aimée event starts tomorrow. In addition to familiar threads, there will also be announcements of bases and new colors that have never been seen before. Oh, I'm looking forward to it.

So, today I will introduce the kit prepared by amirisu.

Felix Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

A popular pattern knitted by knitters around the world. A cardigan with a simple yet raglan pattern. If you knit this with Corrie worsted, the quality of the yarn will be conveyed as it is. It would be nice to try a color that you don't usually wear.

Velveteen Rose by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

The designs by Nadia from Switzerland are always nice with a little sweetness added. This V-neck cardigan is knitted with Kumo and Bouclé , and a line of Corrie worsted is added to give it a crisp look. I want to knit a lot of bases! Definitely recommended for those who say.

Sugar by Julia Wilkens

Sugar shawl by Julia Wilkens

A sweater and shawl with a very impressive dot pattern by Dutch designer Julia. Knit Helix or Felix in 2 strands. Choose brownish Helix for a chic color finish, pop Felix for bright colors, or do both. Choosing colors can be fun!

Helix Cardigan by Marianne Muier

Seeing Aimée wearing this cardigan makes me want to knit it! There should be a lot of people who thought. I am one of them. We've made kits with amirisu before, but this time we have a lot of Helix and Felix in stock, so you're sure to find a color you like. Since it is knitted with two strands, you can enjoy it for many seasons.

What do you think, did you have a favorite pattern? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's knitted works.

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