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what are you knitting now? 〜FIGHTIN' WORDS knitted with JAMIESON'S SPINDRIFT!〜

December 28, 2021


Christmas is over, and it's all the end of the year mode. The amirisu staff are very busy with New Year's preparations and cleaning. How are you all doing?

Well, the last item to introduce this year is the mittens " Fightin' Words! " Tokyo store staff nao made it.

Do you ever find it difficult to make two of the same item, such as socks or mittens?
I made only one and was satisfied, and the other was not completed easily. If I knit after a while, the gauge will change and the left and right sizes will not match.

This pattern might be perfect for you.

Bashi! Or bang! "BAM!" and "POW!" There is a braid of different characters on the left and right. Nao said that when she knitted socks before, it was difficult to knit two pairs of socks, so in this mitten, the left and right colors are also changed so that the feeling lasts until the end.

The yarn is Jamieson's spindrift , which is famous for Fair Isle yarn. There are many colors, so choosing a color is also fun.
I think it would be cute to choose a contrast color so that the letters stand out clearly. I never get tired of looking at the works knitted by people all over the world on the ravelry project page...! Feel like a boxer and walk with a bang.

Even if you are new to knitting, it is easy to start with small items, and if you are familiar with knitting, it would be fun to change the pattern part of the letters to your favorite letters and numbers.

The palm side is also flickering.

Nao has always liked gloves and hand warmers and often uses them, but these mittens have fingertips sticking out, so it's still cold in the middle of winter. They said they wanted to make it a mitten type or make it longer so that even their fingers would be covered.


Yarn: Jamieson's spindrift

Needle: Seeknit Short Hand No. 4 (3.3mm) Short Hand No. 2 (2.7mm)

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