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what are you knitting now? ~ YELL knitted with JAMIESON'S SPINDRIFT ~

January 13, 2022


Thank you for your patronage of amirisu throughout the year.
Thank you for your continued support in the year. I would like to continue to do my best so that I can deliver wonderful wool and fun projects to everyone!

Today, I would like to introduce Yell , a Fair Isle cardigan knitted by nao, a staff member of the Tokyo store.
This pattern is from British designer Marie Wallin's book Shetland .

Fair Isle Knit is a traditional knit from Fair Isle in the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland. Colorful colors and geometric patterns are impressive. It is difficult to knit with thin threads, but it is warm and has a very strong finish.

Previously, a similar Fair Isle cardigan was sold on Marie's website Knit Club, but unfortunately nao was unable to purchase it at that time. "Shetland" had the same shape with a different pattern, so she decided to knit it.

12 colors are used!
I use Jamieson's Spindrift, which is a representative yarn for Fair Isle.
Nao-san first got all the required amount of the specified thread, and then knitted a swatch to see the gauge and pattern, but the difference in color of the main monochrome pattern was not as good as I expected, so I decided to change the color later. I'm about to buy it again. He said, "I should have knitted the swatches and then arranged the yarns."

It seems difficult to choose 12 colors by yourself, but it seems exciting just to buy one ball of yarn that you are interested in and try knitting. If you have time, come on!

Since it is a cardigan that is worn at the back, it is easy to use because it fits perfectly with pants and dresses.
It's short and fashionable, and it's cute and warm!

Details thread: Jamieson's spindrift
Colors are almost as specified. Only Sholmit (103) has been changed to Shade (203). Needles: Hiyahiya chikuwa needles US4 (higher than specified), edges etc. as specified US2
Changes: Shorter sleeve length to fit your size. In the case of the pattern, the placket was left knitted, so I processed the edges and arranged it neatly.

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