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Hiking Collection 2021!

December 08, 2021

Hike Collection 2021!

good evening everyone. Today is the story of the hike collection that was released at the end of last month.

Hike is an amirisu original thread that I made last winter. Since it was just born, I haven't been able to introduce many patterns using Hike. So, this winter, I want everyone to experience the comfort of Hike knitting! I thought, and released a collection.

First, Tokuko explained the thread.

“Hike is a thick version of Trek yarn. Like Trek, it stretches well and does not feel itchy at all.

The stitches are easy to align, but if you knit while enjoying the stretch, the gauge will inevitably become clogged, so please adjust with the needle. Also, it stretches when blocked, but returns to its original shape when dry. Be careful not to stretch too much! ”

Hand-knitted sweaters are wonderful, but you may be concerned about the texture and pilling. If it is Hike, I think that you can use it everyday without worrying about various things.

Well, here are 5 patterns that have been released.

The first is Amur , a brioche vest.

It's round and cute, but it's actually a bit of a tough pattern because the brioche is knitted backwards on the shoulders. Recommended for those who have already experienced brioche knitting, and those who have been tickled by their curiosity, "How do you knit?"

The second is the popular detachable collar, Elbe .

Tokuko, Meri, and the amirisu staff were timidly thinking, "I'm not that kind of character...", but in the end, it's cute no matter who wears it. If you choose black or navy, it will be chic, and if you wrap it over a collarless coat, it will be fashionable and warm.

The third is Parana , which has a stylish knitted collar.

After knitting the bodice, cut off the shoulders, pick up the eyes from the neckline and knit a cable pattern. You can wear it over a shirt as shown in the photo, or you can match it with a turtleneck. This is also an elaborate pattern.

The fourth is Donau , a round yoke sweater with cute bobbles.

You can wear it casually with denim, or you can wear it with clean clothes for going out. The lace pattern on the yoke looks like a Christmas tree and decorations.

Fifth is Rhine , a soft cable-knit hat.

The pattern that existed before amirisu's current shop was opened, and was rewritten for knitting with Hike. The tip stands up well, so you can put it on your head for a modern (?) rash.

All the patterns were created by amirisu designers who are familiar with Hike knitting, so you can feel the goodness of Hike. Please come to knitting this winter!

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