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Summer Knitting at Hempathy

July 01, 2016

Kyoto, which had been raining like the rainy season for a week, is now sunny for the first time in a long time and the sun is shining.
It's July, and it's time to get serious about summer knitting!

The perfect thread for such a time
Two new items have arrived from Elsebeth Lavold.

One of them, “ Hempathy ,” is a blend of hemp, cotton, and modal.
It features a smooth feel and lightness that is perfect for summer knitwear.
With the softness of cotton and modal, it is a summer yarn that is easy to get along with even those who don't like the hardness of hemp.

First of all, from this year's new pattern,
Introducing Hempathy 's recommended patterns!

Seiche Tank (Knitscene) by Yoko Johnston
Yoko Johnston is a Japanese designer living in Australia.
The gorgeous lace pattern on the front and the A-line silhouette are feminine and lovely. The vivid blue of Hempathy is eye-catching. The same #61 blue as the sample is also in stock. Available in 5 sizes and uses 5 to 7 balls.

This is published in " Knitscene, Summer 2016 ".
Although it is an American magazine, the Digital Edition (PDF download) can be easily purchased from Japan. (It's the same as downloading and purchasing ravelry)

One more point, from "Knitscene" a little while ago.

Strafford Tee (Knitscene) by Amy Christoffers
"Wisteria" on the cover of amirisu No. 10, "East Matunuck Cardigan" No. 6, etc.
It is the work of Amy Christoffers who is familiar with amirisu.
The lace pattern and French sleeves are cute. It seems very easy to get around. Available in 8 sizes and uses 5 to 8 balls.

Lakeland by Heidi Kirrmaier
With such color block short sleeves, you can enjoy choosing colors.
Now that it has just arrived, you can choose your favorite combination as much as you want!

It might be a good idea to take your time and knit long-sleeved pieces for autumn.

Left is Amy's " Pinnate Cardigan ",
The right is " After the Rain " by Heidi.
There is no doubt that both of them will be one that can be used for a long time.

The back is also cool!

Gudrun Johnston's
Such a cute skirt also appeared.

Hip in Hemp by Gudrun Johnston
Hempathy is easy to wash and perfect for skirts.
There are kids and adult sizes, so you can enjoy it with your parent and child.

Click here to shop for Elsebeth Lavold and Hempathy !

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