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Finn Valley

December 02, 2016

いま気分のアランセーター、Finn Valley
Here is the second outfit project, the Finn Valley sweater. It is knitted with Arranmore tweed yarn from the British yarn maker Fiber Company. 80% merino wool, 10% cashmere, 10% silk, which is a high-class blend and thickness, so it's nice to knit it crunchy. The base color contains NEP of a nice color, so it has a textured feel, and even beginners can see the knitted fabric beautifully.

This Finn Valley sweater is designed to make the most of the characteristics of such yarn. Back knitting is quite a hurdle. If the tightness of the front knitting and back knitting is not stable, it is difficult to get stripes in every two rows, asking, "Is this a stripe?" But when knitting with Arranmore, the nature of the yarn, nep, camouflages nicely. The lining is knitted except for the front body, so the cable pattern stands out even more.
For the sleeves, of course, you can knit the front side normally and turn it inside out.

The first person I would like to introduce is Mari, who coordinated this sweater in the simplest way. Wear denim and pumps for a casual look. Both the top and bottom have a refreshing color, so I think I can go until early spring.
Nao has an up style, and she wears a leather skirt that she bought second-hand. It has colorful parts and is very cute, but the yellowish beige matches the yellow of the nep yarn, which makes it even more beautiful.
The shoes are finished with sabot. It's different from jeans, and it's a reference that you can wear cute clothes.
Hiromi goes with a denim mini and a knit hat. It's a casual atmosphere that is different from the other two's slightly prettier coordination. Here, I used cool colors, but since the thread also contains yellow, I think I can create a warm atmosphere by incorporating chocolate and bright yellow items.
The WALNUT sample is knitted in the color Narin Beach, while the pattern sample is St. Claire, a warm beige color. In addition, the tea called Cronan is also popular.
This time, we also received a cool gray called Glenveagh Castle, which was sold out immediately after Arranmore arrived.
This pattern has a neat design with no waist shape, so it may be possible to knit a slightly larger size and wear it with men's. In that case, navy blue colors such as Meara and Odhran are also great.
Now! Of course we sell kits. If you missed it before, please do.

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