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what are you knitting now? 〜HALIBUT knitted by DE RERUM NATURA GILLIATT〜

December 04, 2021


Today, I would like to introduce you to the Halibut sweater, also known as the “halibut sweater,” knitted by our staff, Aiko. Designed by Caitlin Hunter.

Do you know halibut? It is a kind of flatfish and resembles a flounder in shape, but it is very large and exceeds 1m in size.

In the town of Homer in Alaska, where Caitlin lives, you can catch a lot, and it is said that it has been deeply connected to people's culture and life since long ago. In Japan, it is rarely caught in Hokkaido.

A bold design that hangs such a huge fish halibut on the yoke!

Aiko, who has a penchant for animal motifs, was eagerly waiting for the release of the pattern when she saw Caitlin posting a photo of her work in progress on Instagram. Anyway, it had a big impact, it matched the hair color and it was cute, and it was a big hit at the office.

Green for MC is Gilliatt from De rerum natura, and CC is hand spun by Aiko himself.

By the way, Caitlin is famous for being very lax, but that doesn't seem to be the case these days. It seems that Aiko was looser this time.

Halibut also slides behind.
It's cute for women to wear, and it's also recommended for men who like fishing and the sea.

The designated thread Kelbourne Woolens Scout is in stock at the online shop! Also, the trousers in the photo were sewn using the hakama pattern from Itetsuhaku Yohinten.I'm happy to be able to coordinate my whole body with just the clothes I made.

Detailed thread: MC = De Rerum Natura Gilliatt (Color is Printemps)
CC: = hand-spun wool purchased at Undercover Otter Needle: US5 (Because the hand-spun yarn was thick, the needles on the main body were lowered by one size, and the whole was knitted with US5, the same as the rib part.)
Size: XS

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