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what are you sewing now ~ Simple long skirt made with Conservatory Fabric ~

July 31, 2019

今何縫ってる? 〜 Conservatory Fabricで作るシンプルロングスカート 〜

We are crazy about sewing every week. There is a sewing machine in the store, so all the staff at the Kyoto store enjoy cutting patterns and sewing machines during lunch breaks and after work.

By the way, did everyone get a new yomirisu? On page 7, you can see how to make the long skirt that was used for the amirisu No. 18 shoot.
It's that easy! So Tokuko made a short version with cute printed fabric. I thought it would be flashy when I saw only the cloth, but when I made it into a skirt, it was very cute and I was happy.

It takes 1 hour. The most troublesome part was getting the elastic through, and all that was left was to sew it straight.
I used the width of the fabric on sale, so I didn't need a lock sewing machine on the side. Just sew the hem and waist and you're done!

It's nice to be able to choose your favorite length when you make it yourself. You don't need a glue core or paper pattern, so all you need is cloth, scissors, rubber, a sewing machine, and an iron. It is really recommended for beginners.

If you are unsure about the length of your skirt, it might be a good idea to refer to what you often wear. I measured the length of my favorite dress and cut the hem.

How about making a skirt today that you want to wear tomorrow?

Fabric used: Savernake Road by Monika Forsberg, Rona-Aqua 1.5m
Pattern: "Simple long skirt" from yomirisu
yomirisu is distributed free of charge at actual stores. Please come and visit us at the store.

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