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Introducing Circus Tonic Handmade Yarns

April 08, 2022

Circus Tonic Handmade Yarnsのご紹介

Flock Fingering from Circus Tonic Handmade Yarns from Australia. There must be many people who have been completely fascinated by its beautiful coloring and smooth texture. We asked Hannah, the owner, a few questions to help you learn more about this lovely brand.

amirisu: I heard you took a short break from your hand dyeing business while traveling around Australia with your family. For example, did the shades you create change?

Hannah: It was such a blessing to be able to travel around Australia in a caravan with my family.

I closed the dyeing studio I used to run in Sydney, so during the trip I had to live with just the yarn in a very small basket in the corner of my children's school supplies. Because there are no yarn shops in the Australian outback!

Most of my travel time was spent in Queensland and the Northern Territory, so I enjoyed all that nature has to offer. Lush meadows, rocky red deserts, tropical paradises, rugged mountains, ancient valleys, eucalyptus forests... and lots of animals! Actually, I didn't think about starting Circus Tonic Handmade again during my trip, but every time I come across such scenery, I can't help but think, ``Oh, this would be a nice color if I dyed the yarn. did not. And when the trip ended abruptly ahead of schedule and I had to find a job, I built a studio and started dyeing in just a few days. I was able to use my previous experience to create a more efficient workplace.

The most unusual thing is that during this time I lost the color recipe book I used before. I had to start from scratch, but the threads I dyed with the inspiration I got from my trip were deep, fun and fresh colors, so I think it was a very good start.

amirisu: How do you decide on colors? And what is your favorite color right now?

Hannah: Every color I dye is somehow inspired by nature, and I seek out enticing palettes to create my collections. Of course, I look at the fashion trends of the season and search for popular colors, but I always try to connect them naturally.

When I start dyeing a collection, I first decide on the base of the thread and proceed according to that base. Non-superwash rustic yarns like Carnival DK create depth by layering colors in a sheen on top of a single color. These are mainly used as yarns for knitting sweaters and clothing, and are suitable in grays, browns and even dull pinks.

On the other hand, I enjoy contrasting color combinations with lots of speckles and flashes of bright color in superwashed nylon-blend yarns like those used to knit socks and modern shawls. Find these colors in rainbow-colored gemstones, or focus on literary themes and early 20th-century Impressionist paintings. Our newest color was inspired by Neptune!

I have studied molecular biology for many years, so when in doubt, I sometimes look at old books about science, animals and plants. Old botanical drawings and old maps of Australian species are also common references. Our monthly clubs always have fun themed colors such as butterflies and insects.

amirisu: What are the characteristics of Australian yarn?

Hannah: The Australian Merino-based Gibraltar Fingering/ DK and the Australian Cloverleaf Corriedale-based Gala Fingering/ DK pair well with sophisticated neutrals, such as sand and storm skies. I think these threads are suitable for delicate shawls and the like.

We have a good relationship with a small farm in Australia that raises sheep and produces yarn with consideration for animals and the environment .

amirisu: Please tell us about where you live now and about your day-to-day life. 

Hannah: My dyeing studio is getting busier every day and that's really great. Our new Adelaide home has very little humidity so the yarn dries very quickly! Usually first thing in the morning, I wash and dry the yarn that I dyed the day before, drink coffee, and then start shipping.

For dyeing, I use a large 20L pot and a rack oven for academic affairs, and the dyes are sorted by color in overhead shelves. I would like to write down my work and schedule for the day with a pencil in a notebook, and at night I would like to do some knitting after the children are asleep. Also, recently, I would like to introduce my daily life on SNS and let new customers know about it.

Luckily, the area around my house is very beautiful, so I would like to take a walk to the sea as part of my daily routine!



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