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what are you knitting now? 〜Hide and Peak woven with CaMaRose ØKOLOGISK HVERDAGSULD〜

February 04, 2023

今何編んでる?〜CaMaRose ØKOLOGISK HVERDAGSULDで編むHide and Peak〜

Introducing the staff's knitting, this time it's a pink Hide and Peak knitted by Aiko from the Kyoto store.

It's cold, it's cold, it's cold, and January has passed in the blink of an eye, and February has arrived, but February is Valentine's Day. It's the season when the whole town turns pink.
Aiko always has a colorful image, but she seems to have been pointed out that she uses only blue and green, so she started using pink around last fall. It fits you well!

The yarn I used is ØKOLOGISK HVERDAGSULD , which is newly arrived from CaMaRose.
The name of the yarn is somewhat unreadable, but it means organic every day wool, and as the name suggests, it is a gentle yarn using 100% organic merino wool.
It feels dry to the touch and tangles, so it's perfect for knitting a braided pattern. If you wash it with water, it will become fluffy and soft.

(And I'm happy that the price is relatively affordable!)

Knit top-down while using 3 colors of CC in addition to MC. The pattern like a series of mountains is cool.
The pattern is created by combining two colors, but the order of the colors will change the impression greatly, so it is recommended to knit a swatch and consider which color to use where.

The difficult point is how to pass the thread on the back side of the braid.
Each pile gets bigger as you go down, and you have to pass the yarn a fairly long distance on the back side. Aiko was careful not to stretch the knitted fabric while making four stitches.

(Sleeves look like this. The black edge is Aiko's arrangement.)

The designer of this pattern is Maxim Cyr . I'm a man.
Of course it's nice for women to wear, but I think it's a pattern that looks good on men because the men's designer thought about it.
It may not be in time for Valentine's Day, but it is also recommended as a gift for men.

In the middle of the pattern, at the end of the difficult part, the cocktail recipe suddenly appears, saying, "Please have a warm drink."




MC=16 MØRK HINDBÆR (The pattern is 6 strands, but 4 strands are enough. The sleeves are written for an average male size, so women don't need that much yarn.)


Size: 2

Needles used: US3 (3.25mm), US5 (3.75mm)

Hide and Peak also has Japanese patterns. If you would like to purchase the yarn for the garment, you can also purchase the pattern together, so please contact us.

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