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Bract knitting with Brooklyn Tweed Tones Light

September 09, 2022

Brooklyn Tweed Tones Lightで編むBract

The Brooklyn Tweed pattern Bract that I've wanted to knit for a long time. The generous bodice, narrow sleeves, and most of all, the yoke with a triangular pattern is cute!

Previously, it was introduced as a Loft pattern and the color was very nice, but this time the sample knitted with the newly released Tones Light has a pop color and is even more eye-catching.

The Tones series is a thread based on the concept of dyeing two natural colors of wool (white and gray) with the same dye and enjoying the subtle shades. For example, if you put a bright pink color on white wool, it will be dyed brightly as it is, but if you use gray wool, it will be a dull color with astringency. It would be fun to weave stripes with subtle color differences using those two colors.

There are 24 colors and a lot of colors, so it looks like it's going to be fun to choose a color anyway. It's good to put together with a dull tone, and adding a bright color will cheer you up.

This new thread has already arrived in stores and will be available online soon. Please choose your favorite color.

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