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what are you knitting now? ~Halibut Cowl knitted with Brooklyn Tweed Dapple~

January 22, 2022

今何編んでる? ~Brooklyn Tweed Dappleで編むHalibut Cowl~

Do you remember the name of this fish?

It was the "halibut" of the flounder's friend! Designed by Caitlin Hunter, staff Aiko was knitting a sweater with this pattern at the end of last year.

This halibut pattern seems to be very popular. Surprisingly, the cowl and hat pattern also appeared the month after the sweater pattern was released!

While I was pondering whether to knit a sweater or a cowl, Aiko finished the cowl, so I took a picture of her.

There are four halibut on the cowl, staggered.

MC uses Dapple from Brooklyn Tweed, and CC uses yarn hand-spun by Aiko. Dapple is 60% wool and 40% cotton , so it feels refreshing.

If both the sweater and the cowl are halibut, the impact is amazing!
Aiko doesn't usually use both of them together like this to prevent her from becoming a fishmonger!
It looks like it would be a good idea to wear it alone and casually show off your fish lover ...

When you buy a pattern on Ravelry, you can get a halibut discount if you buy a sweater, cowl, and hat as a set.

Aiko doesn't seem to have any plans to knit hats at the moment, but I wonder if there are people somewhere in the world who have completed all three hats. I'm looking forward to seeing the person who coordinated with the 3-piece set, and I'm looking forward to the Ravelry project page.

Details Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Dapple
Color: Currant
Needle: US5

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