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what are you knitting now? 〜Amalies Sweater knitted with Biches & Buches Le Gros Lambswool〜

January 26, 2022

今何編んでる?〜Biches & Buches Le Gros Lambswoolで編むAmalies Sweater〜

Today we would like to introduce the Amalies Sweater knitted by the deputy manager of the Tokyo store. With a simple border pattern, it's casual but stylish!

It is an original pattern of French Biches & Buches and is knitted with Le Gros Lambswool , which boasts a rustic texture.

The deputy store manager decided to knit this sweater because a customer who came to Walnut Tokyo knitted this blue Aran sweater was very nice. The color is called Dark blue turquoise, and it has a deep shade like the bottom of the sea.

However, I didn't have enough yarn in stock to knit with just one color... I searched for a pattern that would work with two colors and came across this design.

The pattern is a combination of thick and thin borders in two colors.
It seems that there was no difficult part, and it seems that it was completed in about 10 days during the year-end and New Year holidays. The simplicity of the design may be why the beauty of the colors and the simplicity of the threads stand out.

It is difficult to align the stitches because the threads are not evenly twisted, but they seem to have woven it without worrying about it. He likes the texture of it.

Wear it with denim or sweatshirts for a relaxed atmosphere.

Ladies and gentlemen, please come and visit our store in Tokyo. If you're lucky, you might just meet the assistant manager wearing this sweater.

Unfortunately, blue is sold out, but please try knitting with Le gros Lambswool. In addition to white, gray, and beige, we have deep yellow and red colors in stock!

Blocking makes it soft, but the original thread is quite itchy. If you have sensitive skin, it may bother you if it touches your skin directly, so if possible, please come to the store and touch it.

Yarn: Le gros lambswool
Colors: Dark blue turquoise, Gray beige
Needle: US7
Changes: The sleeves are knitted a little longer

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