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New yarn from Biches & Bûches! Le Coton & Alpaca

July 21, 2022

Biches & Bûchesの新しい糸!Le Coton & Alpaca

Have you checked out Biches & Bûches' new thread " Le Coton & Alpaca ", which took two years to create?

There is still little information on the Internet, so I will introduce the impressions of amirisu staff knitting.

Let's start with the basic specs.

66% organic cotton, 34% alpaca blend. Rather than being smooth, it feels a little rough to the touch.
Thickness is DK-Worsted, 50g is 90m.

The recommended point is the gentle colors typical of Biches & Bûches . At amirisu, all 11 colors released this time are in stock.

In addition to the calm colors of gray and brown, there are also light blues and pinks, which are cute! It seems that you can wear it with confidence no matter what color you knit it in.

If you look closely, it is based on a white chain-like thread.
There are places where the thread becomes thick like knots , and there are places where it becomes very thin, giving it a natural look.
It seems that colored fluffy and fine fibers are woven around it.

The swatch is a cute knitted fabric with white base threads floating through it.
It looks similar to Woolfolk's Luft (the skein on the right side of the photo). Luft is bulky, so the thickness is completely different, but it might be a nice point to be able to knit a similar looking knitted fabric at a much more affordable price than Woolfolk.

The recommended pattern is Breeze published in amirisu24!

When the staff knitted it, the gauge came out. (Because there are individual differences, please try adjusting with a needle.)

Although it is heavier than the designated Woolfolk STRA , it has more color variations to choose from, and it has a moist drape, so I think it is perfect.

Please try knitting.

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