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New arrivals from Biches & Bûches!

August 08, 2018

Biches & Bûchesから新入荷!

Biches & Bûches that was also used in amirisu 16. This time, wool silk and wool cashmere yarns have arrived!

First, from the wool silk Le Silk & Lambswool. The silk part looks like tweed, and it is a very expressive thread. Recommended for fall and winter projects. Let's introduce our recommended patterns!

Zweig by Caitlin Hunter
A masterpiece of Caitlin, whose yoke pattern is very popular. The trick is what to knit the lace and braid of the yoke with, but I thought it would be nice to knit with a tweed-like thread.
MC: 7x, CC: from 2x.

Harlow by Andrea Mowry
The familiar Andrea hat pattern from Find Your Fade. Use 2 colors for brioche ribs. I think any color combination you put in this time is cute! Perfect as a gift. 1 case at a time.

St Catherines by Kate Davies
The designated thread is a tweed-like thread, and the silk blend is perfect for a bolero-like light haori. You can wear it with a dress like Kate, or I would like to wear it with a long-sleeved T-shirt. From 6 cassettes.

Deep Woods Toque by Kiyomi Burgin | Needle Leaf Knits

Kiyomi's hats are always wonderful with their braided patterns. I chose it because I thought it would be cute if I knit it with tweed-like yarn. I would also like to mention that the yarn has an expression, so even if you are not good at knitting, the coarseness will not be noticeable.
If you don't put the orange line, it's 2 colors. If you want to draw a line, use 3 colors. 1 case each.

Next, Le Cashmere & Lambswool in wool cashmere. It's only one color this time, but it's a moist texture thread, and it's nice to touch!

Ley Lines by Joji Locatelli
An interesting shawl with a rubber knit base. Biches & Bûches yarns are not completely monochromatic, so even a simple shawl can be expressive. 4 cassettes.

Book People by Sylvia McFadden
Sylvia shawl with popular shawl pattern. I think this light feeling is perfect for yarn. 2 skeins.

Have you found a pattern you want to knit? If you are looking for autumn knitting, please try Biches & Bûches!
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