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what are you sewing now ~ Cocoon shirt with Atelier Brunette's double gauze ~

July 12, 2019

Sewing in the summer too! So, at amirisu, everyone is working hard to make clothes. New fabrics have just arrived, and I'm excited. We are focusing on handling Merchant & Mills and Atelier Brunette.

In addition to the overseas patterns handled by amirisu, there are various favorite books. One of them is the ATELIER to nani IRO sewing closet that was released last year. This book has various recommended points, but first of all, it is "introduced by difficulty x required time". Beginners can easily challenge themselves, starting with something that can be done in 2-3 hours. The other is "5 size development". There are many loose-fitting designs, so I don't think it's a problem if the size is slightly off, but if there are 5 sizes, you can choose your size with confidence. I usually make M size.

This book is pretty simplistic. If you're an expert at sewing, the part where you usually put the edge stitch here is omitted. That's why even beginners can try it right away, but if you're interested, I think you can arrange it yourself.

This time, I made a cocoon shirt with Atelier Brunette's double gauze. This design is actually based on a cocoon dress, and a short arrangement by nani IRO. When Tokuko and I went to an atelier shop in Osaka the other day, I found it and took measurements. The length in the back is 60 cm, and the front is 8 cm shorter, and the sides are slightly curved. (At the shop, I was told to "appropriately curve".) Since it's shorter, it's quicker and easier to sew.

By making it curved, the hem cannot be folded in three. Therefore, the side and hem are processed continuously with a zigzag sewing machine, and then simply folded back along the finished line. it's simple.

I also made a cocoon dress, but it is difficult to iron it after sewing the side seams, so I recommend ironing it before sewing.

This double gauze is not see-through, so you can easily wear it on its own. It covers your buttocks, is lightweight, and is recommended for everyday wear in the summer. Please use it as a reference.

Click here for the book

Click here for fabric . I used 1.5m.

Double Gauze has a new color in stock! All of them are cute and I'm in the middle of a fight ❤︎

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