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sweater to wear in spring

April 15, 2023


Recently, I've been thinking every morning that I want a sweater that I can easily wear over a T-shirt. It would be nice if there was a piece that could be worn casually like a sweatshirt and worn over the shoulder.

That's when I found French Coast by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne. The designer, Nadia, has designed many patterns using La Bien Aimée yarn, and recently, Velveteen Rose, which Tokuko knitted, was also wonderful.

This sweater, which she designed with Fingering yarn, has a wonderful V-neck opening! It's perfect for an adult woman to wear.

The sample is knitted with Isager Merilin (Wool 80%, Linen 20%), and this yarn has a slightly rustic feel, so it looks like it will be an easy-to-wear piece. Also, can I knit this with Parade ? I think. I should have some leftover yarn from a project I've knitted so far... it would be nice to use it for stripes!

Now, what color should we choose as the main color?

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