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Let's knit with a sentence pattern!

December 14, 2022


Japanese sentence pattern lessons are now on sale, but I wonder what they will do in the lessons! I will explain in detail for those who think.

~ The Machi sweater is a piece full of craftsmanship ~

Did you know that there used to be a kit called "with a video course" at an online shop? For those who are unfamiliar with sentence patterns, I used to explain the patterns endlessly all alone, but this sentence pattern lesson is a version without strings attached to the kit.

The big difference from the video course kit is that you can ask me questions directly. Those who can participate during the live broadcast can ask questions via chat, and even those who cannot participate can ask questions in advance using the inquiry form and I will answer them during the lesson.

~Andrea's pattern is very readable~

Even though it is possible to cancel in the middle, I don't have time to knit one pattern in a month! Most people should say. But what I always tell my students is that patterns are readings.
I usually write and verify patterns, and I always write and verify patterns without knitting a single stitch. If you read that, you'll understand. It's a sentence pattern!

If you read the pattern, you'll find parts that make sense right away, and parts that you can't imagine at all. I wish I could explain the unimaginable part in the lesson. The more this unimaginable part is reduced, the easier it is to be able to read the pattern = easier to knit. It's funny, is not it?

~Flaum is a pattern that is easy to understand that it is popular~

Practicing reading patterns will make future knitting with sentence patterns easier. I would be happy if you could try it.
Please refer to the video from the previous lesson. Apply for the second stage until this Friday! We look forward to your participation.

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