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Let's replace the button!

April 05, 2022


For some reason, spring makes me want new clothes.
Every year spring flies by in a blink of an eye, so you should know from experience that you don't get many chances to wear spring clothes...why?

In such a case, I would like to recommend a simple repair of clothes! You can feel new without buying new clothes!

A quick fix is ​​to replace the buttons.
The other day, Mr. Nakanaga changed the buttons on his dress.
Originally, it had a simple white button (the one on the right side of the top image), but the second button came off, so I didn't wear it for a while.
This time, if you're going to fix it anyway, all together! It seems that I decided to replace the other buttons with new ones.

I chose Atelier Brunette's Glitter Buttons .

Glitter is given to a shell button and is a gorgeous button. It's sparkling, but it's not flashy, and it has an elegant atmosphere. Glossy and comfortable to the touch.

Nakanaga chose navy (Midnight). It looks a little different around the neck.

What other buttons would fit in this dress? I just had fun and tried various things.

From the top, dark red (Amarante), gold (Off-white), silver (Sage), etc. would also be suitable.

Boasting a matte texture, Atelier Brunette's Matte Buttons were also cute.

Orange (Tangerine), blue (Cobalt), light blue (Sage)

“I feel like my clothes have been reborn!” said Mr. Nakanaga.
In the case of small buttons, you may be the only one who notices them, but it would be nice if you could have a little fun.

It might be nice to play around with a different color or shape for just one part, such as the top button of a shirt or cufflinks.

We have more and more buttons in stock for the sewing season, so please check them out.

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