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I still want to knit, cardigan!

January 20, 2022


I can't help but want to knit a cardigan, and I'm still looking for patterns. Sweaters are often knitted in a single color, but for some reason I'm curious about the eye-catching colors used in cardigans.

So this time I picked up a border pattern.

Aimée Cardigan by Joji Locatelli

This cardigan was designed after Aimée, the owner of La bien Aimée, who is always stylish and has a great choice of colors. This color combination is really great! Also, it's nice that the color continues to the button band.

Of course, it would be nice to knit in this shade, but it would be fun to choose your own five colors. The original is knitted with sport weight, but is it okay to use fingering weight? I'm looking for a thread.

Douglas Cardi by Andrea Mowry

This cardigan is named after your father. It has large pockets and a relaxed fit, designed to look like something your grandpa would wear. It certainly looks like something a grandpa would wear, but the colors are lovely and mesmerizing.

If you look at the Ravelry page, both designs are knitted by many knitters in their own colors, so please take a look.

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