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I want to knit the best!

February 03, 2021


It's February and it's already starting to feel like spring.

I can't stop imagining how nice it would be to wear a vest over a light T-shirt or blouse. I love vests, but every year I miss out on knitting sweaters and shawls because spring comes so quickly.

So, I definitely want to knit this year! When I looked for a pattern with this in mind, PetiteKnit, which is popular among amirisu and Anker's Sweater and No Frills Sweater, had a lot of cute best patterns.

First of all, this Terrazzo Slipover

If it's a turtleneck and a long length, I think I'll be able to wear it in another month. If you look at Ravelry, there are many people who have shortened the length, so that version is also good.

The recently announced September Slipover

I also want to try brioche knitting this year, so this is also nice.

Holiday Slipover

This is like knitting with Super Bulky yarn, so I thought it would be possible to knit in no time.

There are many other cute vests such as V-neck ones. It seems that there are also patterns for children, so it's good to have matching with parents and children!

Now, which vest should I knit?

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